How to Use the Right Strategy and Tactics of Machine

Dec 26

How to Use the Right Strategy and Tactics of Machine Tool China’s machine tool industry over the years, the situation is excellent, but in the organization, technology, strategy and tactics, has been walking along the old road beam drilling and sawing lines, not fundamentally completely changed. CNC punch prices that in the next two decades of development, how to take the right strategy and tactics, is a very critical issue. China’s machine tool industry is in urgent need of a variety of sets of experts axis cnc machine, visionary, proficient in technology, familiar with the objective development of machine tools to understand the world machine tool technology development and progress of the leaders, technical organizers, and so on. Twelve five machinery industry will have a manufacturing power into a mechanical power. As the saying goes, to build the first hit the ground. As the machinery industry can not leave the machine tool business. How to capture the market, to win market initiative? First of all, we must seriously sum up his 60 years to develop the machine tool industry, the major lessons learned, carry forward the advantages of experience to overcome the shortcomings of the lesson, and seriously, in-depth and systematic study of the United States, Germany, Japan machine tool technology development, the development of the machine tool industry, , The key, practical progress, pay attention to practical experience. We should pay close attention to talents, scientific research, fundamentally, complete sets, and effectively solve the machine tools essential to a variety of machine, electricity, liquid, gas, optical components, functional components, NC systems, tools, Really laying machine technology, the development of the machine tool industry essential foundation. In particular, pay close attention to processing technology, machine tool accuracy, efficiency, automation, reliability, stability, durability.

No accuracy, reliability, machine tool technology does not go. China’s machine tool technology to catch up with the world’s most advanced and accelerate the development of high-grade NC machine tools, which is long, all the people, the direction of hard work, can not be achieved overnight. If the violation of scientific and technological development of the objective law, will haste speed up boring machine price. Tactical attention. This is the key to whether or not the success of the cause of the focus. Must be scientific, step by step to move forward. China’s machine tool industry has entered a critical period, we must scientifically combine the industrial development needs, organizational structure adjustment and product structure adjustment. This is a complex systems engineering that must be based on seeking truth from facts, stressing practical results, and making scientific and technological achievements. Must be combined up and down, the government and enterprises, leaders and the masses, on the next variety of expert talent, leadership, organized, planned, step by step manner. Regular inspection, conscientiously sum up, effectively improve the shortcomings in order to really receive good results. The future of the world machine tool industry competition, will be more intense. Only in the strategic defiance, tactical attention, and earnestly adhere to a constant grasp of ‘talent, tools, resources,’ the three major factors of production, in accordance with the objective law of the development of machine tools, government decisions and market economy , The combination of leadership and the masses insist on constant, in order to achieve real exploits.

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